HR & Training Consultancy


Legacy HR Smart Services has a sole business objective of maximizing effectiveness while enabling our clients to focus on their core activities. We offers project consultancy in diversification planning & execution, turn-key assignments for clients in all sector.

We design and implement appropriate consultancy assignments addressing the specific needs at various levels of the organization.


Our Forte in HR are:

  HR Strategy
  Organization Development
  Policies and Procedures
  Job Descriptions and Job Analysis
  Compensation and Benefits
  KPI Setting
  Performance Measurement System
  Training and Development
  Recognition & Rewards
  Talent Pool Development
  Team Building
  Competency Mapping
  Employee Satisfaction Survey
  HR Survey

Our Forte in Training are:

General Topics

  Effective Communication
  Organizational Development
  Skill Matrix
  Stress Management
  Success In Organizations
  Organization Improvement
  Tips to improve your memory
  Business meeting etiquette
  Leadership, Communication & Change
  Mistake Made Dealing With Angry Customers
  Management Fads - Things You Should Know To Avoid Being Had
  Corporate Business Performance through Corporate Coaching
  Seven Strategies for Inspiring People to Follow You
  Meeting Customer Needs And Wants
  Matching Job Tasks with The Right People
  Looking For a New Job? Are You Sure You Can You Pass the Background Check?
  How to Write a Good Resume?
  Success Secrets Still Valid
  How to Prepare For Interview Questions
  Writing Resumes without Mistakes
  7 Myths That Make Meetings Miserable
  Top 7 Tips for Maintaining a Team Connection
  LEADERSHIP - The Responsive Manager
  Ten career-damaging behaviors to avoid

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