UAE Emiratization


Legacy Group equally specializes in Emiratisation Recruitment Services. We are committed to serve Government, Semi-Government, Public and Private sectors through our X Factor Emiratisation Recruitment Solutions. Our mission is to support UAE Nationals to ‘Get the JOB they want’. For us, Success in business means "Improving People's life“ which that's our Motto.

Our Emiratisation Goal - Commitment to serve best and provide qualified talented UAE Nationals to companies towards prosperity in the company’s business and to achieve the vision of their respected leaders of the country in order to implement Emiratisation.

"A successful team is the one who makes 1+1=11”
- HH. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Further, we are fully focused to add value to the companies and multiply team members in following sectors:
  Government & Semi Government
  Media & Communications
  Aviation Sector and Healthcare & Life-Sciences
  Private & public companies with Emiratisation drive.

We think of UAE Nationals, we are committed to help Emiratis and support companies in the UAE to implement Emiratisation. Drive it successfully through our X Factor Emiratisation solutions which are highly motivated and innovative. With “YES WE CAN - DO" attitude, we take every moment with a Challenge as it comes.


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